Uh oh

As you may or may not know, my windows hard drive has finally failed.

I tried to boot it up a few days ago and was greeted with a 12 minute boot up.

The HDD was making all sorts of weird noises and I assumed that its time had come.

I am, however, writing this from my linux partition, which happens to be on another hard drive.

I’m going to be ordering another computer soon.

Curse you Toshiba! CURSE YOUUUUUUUU!

Christmas?! on MY blog?!

As a little christmas present to you from me,


I have redesigned the skin :D, it loads MUCH faster than the old one and cuts down on the mumbo jumbo that just wasnt needed.

Anywaaaaaaaaay, I am having a problem with the charger on my laptop so there will be a bit of a delay before podcast 7 is out, however! podcast 8 should be out before the year is out.

Anyhoo, have a nice…. whatever you’re doing……

Life, me and whatever

Sup peeps joe here again

I think from now on i shall blog weekly or whenever i feel like it, ‘coz there is just too much work to do now 🙁 what with my a-levels and stuff.

Anyway, i thought i might as well post pics from my new camera:

Picture of my computer

So a little update on whats happening, i will be getting a wii.

The wii is set to be the winner of the “next gen wars” according to sources (dont make me get them, google it ffs.)

So therefore Wii Get.

Anyway, just thought i would post a video for fun

Ahhh scrubs 😀