Yes I am well aware that it is 2am

Thought I would just post something quickly.

I think I may use my blog more now, so easy to post stuff.


Anyway, I was watching an Anime that a friend recommended. That anime is:


Or simply known as Haruhi. Its about a girl who, unbeknownst to her, possesses the power to change reality. It has a huge following in Japan, with fans of the series calling themselves Haruhiists.

If you want to watch it look around on the net for it. Great Anime indeed.

Christmas Foods

Just waiting for my Christmas Lunch/Dinner, Linner if you may. Boy am I gonna be full after all of this.


Apple pie with iced cream for dessert, maybe mince pies, ooooh its making my mouth water 😛 😛 😛 .


Anyway Merry Christmas again


– And to any of my mates, I’ve been trying to text you but there is no signal, strange.