Just a quick post to tell you about the wonder that is Twitter.

Twitter basically allows you to submit a little 160 character bit of text about what you’re doing etc, in essence, a microblog.

The Twitter feed will keep you updated as to what I may be doing. Click the logo to view my full Twitter stream.

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It is soooooo warm, again

My God has it been warm this week, its like the south of France (not really lol).


Exam season looms over the dark and murky horizons. I think we get tested too much like they said on the news. Scrap the SATs, I say.


Anywho, Looking forward to Dr Who this weekend, Agatha Christie and the Killer Bees :O


Enjoy the “Summer” that we are having, I hope we get another bout like this later in the year.


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Boris Johnson, you crafty devil

Well many congratulations are in order to the Conservative MP and now Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Elected on second preference votes, and beating the Ken Livingstone, means that this comedic “genius” now gets to run the local affairs of the fair city of London. Lets hope he does a good job and doesn’t mess up the improvements that Ken has made.

So 4 years until a new mayor has to be chosen… or less if Boris gets run over or something, but lets hope that doesn’t happen…