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Just a quick little post to say to have a look at my new redesigned page templates for the Podcast and for Twitter posts.

If you can’t be bothered to click here are some pictures;

NASA’s photos – something very special

Been an avid follower of NASA and their antics since the unfortunate accident in 2003 with Space Shuttle Columbia. One thing that has never ceased to amaze is the photos that NASA returns. These are some of the most mind blowing and awe inspiring photos you will ever see. No digital trickery or CG, just good old mother earth.


A peaceful shot of night time Egypt.

The above photo is just but a microcosm of what the NASA Spaceflight Gallery holds. So if you get the chance take a look at the latest Expedition 26 photos held in the gallery or check out some of the great shots from Expedition 25.

For a very interesting photoblog of this very subject check out Triggerpit’s post here.

Looking forward to STS-133’s launch next week [24th Feb] Lets hope all goes well, will post some more on the day.


Its doing the rounds on the TV and the internets, its the ballsy grandma attacking a bunch of robbers in Northampton, UK.

Something tells me this is a bit fake. Seems too good to be true, a single elderly lady chasing off a horde of sledgehammer-equipped young men. However, if it is real, congrats to the gran for actually doing something! The other residents just standing around like nothing was happening… Good for her.