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Joe’s Spring Anime Choices

Recently out, is this seasons anime list and boy, is it a good’n.


FullMetal Alchemist Season 2 – April 2009

I mean, what can I say about this, apart from; “I hope they don’t screw it up.”


I really enjoyed the first season, hope the second is good (or even better 😀 )  I believe it is based on the manga more so than the first season.



Hayate No Gotoku 2 (Hayate the Combat Butler 2) – Spring 2009 title

Again I really hope they don’t mess this up. Perhaps some more content from the manga and maybe a bit more story. Mind you the first season kept to the original manga pretty well anyway. Just hope its full of hilarity like the first season. As some people are aware, sequels don’t always live up to the originals. We shall wait and see.



Haruhi-chan & Churuya-san (?)No idea if this is the real poster

Based off the HUGELY POPULAR anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” this series is supposed to be a parody of some doujinshi. I really don’t know how this series will turn out, I’m hoping its something to quell the fans of the original series complaining about a severe lack of Season 2.







Watch out for some more anime posts, as I’m under no doubt that I will watch some more