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This is becoming a habit.

Hello all. Yes I seem to have, once again, neglected my site.


However, now its September, I once again feel the need to blog something.


Sitting here on my lunch break typing on my HTC Desire at this very moment, so I will keep this short. Plans for Sept? Doing a fair bit of cover at work. Ooh I’ve nearly been here 2 years now, pleased. What else? Got a party on Sat with my good friend Loz. Looking forward to that. And finally going back to university later this month.


Must get back to work. Ta ra.

Evenin’ all…

(This post was typed ages ago, but I had to fix the flash and resubmit it – term is over now and I have a ball to look forward to tonight -admin note: ooooh fancy).

Yeah, this posting system works in IE8, but only with the compatibility mode on. I hope this beta is a long way from finished, as it struggles with image transparency on my blog. And no, it’s not that it doesn’t do Â it – scrolling around and clicking seems to start and stop it from doing transparency. This leads to a sidebar with bits sticking out. 🙁

Anyway, Joe seems to be very busy at uni (playing openBVE, probably) Â at the moment, doesn’t he? Somehow I am more busy, and yet I’m Â randomly typing this post, while putting up with a headache, slight dizzyness and thoughts about what I’m going to have for dinner (luckily, I have already done my work for tomorrow).

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure how the flash insertion system here works (which reminds me that I need to put instructions on my blog, for the admins), so I’m going to try to share a video with you.

There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama

[flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EADUQWKoVek w=425 h=344]