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Southanuk Podcast 11

So in light of Southanuk celebrating its 10th birthday, here is a relevant podcast 🙂 .
Show notes:

Is a Lion cub a Lion? [As posed my Matthew Loftus]

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Can you lick someone's elbow and get away with it?

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Southanuk Podcast 10 – V.2

Faster than a speeding sloth! Its the 10th Southanuk Podcast!

V1 was not an accurate portrayal of my best work….

Show notes:

Aliens Exist?

Emo and Goth music to be made illegal in Russia

Mr T ad

Guitar Speed Record

Space Flight

Chij’s Site to be put up later

Music (

Skyline – Lasswell

Waves of Grace – scottaltham

Southanuk Podcast 9

Southanuk Podcast is back wooo

Show notes:

The streaming video portal, has been shut down

Rugby World Cup Final: England 6-15 South Africa

J. K. Rowling Reveals Dumbledore is Gay

Facebook founder named most influential person in tech industry

MySpace to Copy Facebook Open Platform: Murdoch Says He Can Make It Safer..

PS3 seeing huge sales increases in America and in the UK [1] [2]

Mac OSX Lepoard [1] [2]

Half life 2: the orange box [1] [2] [3]

Links: Â 

Free Hidden Electricity!

Sony Bravia advert

CSI fail at using the Internet


(From )

Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell

Ever Colour by Sleepers Space Born

Southanuk Podcast 8

Its the 8th Southanuk Podcast! Dont worry I am trying to recover the 7th Podcast.

Show Notes

Steve Jobs on Music

The Megapixel Myth – You’re getting ripped off.

YouTube founders split $650M payout

Humane Society: ‘Fake fur’ often DOG HAIR

Resident Evil 4 on the PC is pathetic

UH OH! Wii modchips won’t work with some recent Wiis – Engadget

GMail finally public (really, this time)!

J. K. Rowling says good bye to Harry Potter

Guitar Hero comes to the Wii

How a school created a new computer lab for free

Pirated Version of Windows Vista Selling for $8 in Iran


12 second Cure for Hiccups. This comfortable method stops hiccups dead.

Hacking Skype: 25 Tips to Improve Your Skype Experience

25 things to see at the Googleplex before you die

Top 5 Funniest “Get a Mac” Spoofs

Southanuk Podcast 6