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SouthanUK has moved!

Hi everyone!

If you’re reading this then everything has gone well and SouthanUK is in it’s new home.

If you’re wondering where the theme went, I’ve had a few problems with it so its really going to have to be rewritten. So I’m back on the good old default theme; Twenty Eleven, for now.

That’s that for the moment, expect some more updates soon!


Theme refresh

Just a quick little post to say to have a look at my new redesigned page templates for the Podcast and for Twitter posts.

If you can’t be bothered to click here are some pictures;

Southanuk theme action!

Now with working theme!

As you can probably see, or not if you are blind, I have rejigged a couple of things and got rid of that terrible grey background on the whole site. The comment form now works perfectly and a redesigned login bar is there for your use. Other bits here and there have been messed with and should look a bit nicer.

Enjoy 🙂