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New features – Facebook like and Disqus

What’s all this you say? Well Southanuk today has some new features that should make your stay much more inviting and interactive.


Facebook’s new “Like” button


As announced by Facebook at the recent F8 conference in the USA, the new like button can be easily added to web pages and adds instant integration with the ever popular social networking site.




I found it very easy to integrate indeed as per so:

  • Add an instance of Facebook’s Javascript SDK to your website’s source code. Ensure you have an application ID from Facebook also or the button will not work.
  • Generate your like button here and click “Get Code” and select the XFBML version and copy the code.
  • Then simply add the button code where you want in your site’s source code and you’re done!
    • [Wordpress blogs] instead of putting in a URL, add the following into your loop:
<fb:like href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" layout="standard" show_faces="false" width="xxx" action="like" font="segoe ui" colorscheme="light" />


As you can see, very easy indeed.


Disqus Comment Plugin


Finally, the latest addition to the site is the very versatile, Disqus commenting system.


I felt that my old plugin I used was too bulky and was rather unessacary for just simple commenting. People don’t want to have an account for every site they visit, so allowing them to use their current Facebook, Twitter or OpenID accounts means less time registering. You don’t even need one of those accounts as posts can still be done via Guest with no account whatsoever.  Try it out next time you fancy having a little comment.


Stay tuned for more updates via following me on Twitter @fatjoe151

Southanuk theme action!

Now with working theme!

As you can probably see, or not if you are blind, I have rejigged a couple of things and got rid of that terrible grey background on the whole site. The comment form now works perfectly and a redesigned login bar is there for your use. Other bits here and there have been messed with and should look a bit nicer.

Enjoy 🙂