Southanuk – 2010

Hey all!

Been some time since I made a ~Featured~ post.

Read more to find out what’s new to Southanuk in 2010.


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So what’s new to Southanuk in its 10th year?

Well for one we have the return of Google Earth Friday. A long forgotten feature of Southanuk that was quite prominent on SOK flash site that I wrote myself. This can be found here


Next up we have logging in with Facebook. It’s so simple to login to Southanuk now, just click on the bar above and select “Connect With Facebook” and Southanuk will create an account for you here using your Facebook data. Don’t worry, you can select what you share with Southanuk and what data Southanuk will send to Facebook [you will be asked at every stage if you wish to post something to your wall.]


Also new, Ok so not all that new, is an updated theme. A lot of the errors that were on the older revisions of the theme have been eradicated and re-written. Still one or two issues to work on but I’m nearly there! Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new look top section of the site that will hopefully consolidate some of what I have on the site to make it easier to read.


Finally, something I rolled out quietly, is a new search system. This system will search everything on the site, and I mean everything; files, comments, posts, pages and maybe other things… who knows :O.


So I hope you enjoy the new features for Southanuk and keep checking the site for new posts and whatnot!