I has posting rights!

Well…about time. lol. Thank you Joe 😀

Now, I’m writing I’ve got no idea of WHAT to write.
Since I’ve become re-obsessed with Spyro the Dragon, I think I shall write about that.

by Lauren Saunders

Firstly, it’s an absolutely brilliant game.  Â I got the original one for Christmas 1997, when I first got my PS1, and I haven’t ever had a bad word to say against it. Â And I admit it…I like it so much I robbed one of the sequels Â (Spyro: Year of the Dragon) from a 7year old friend of the family… I have no morals, I know.

Recently(ish) I was in Woolworths, however and I decided to go and buy (*GASP!!*) the latest Spyro game for my Wii… The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (the image attatched to this post is an A1 ink painting a did in October, which I copied off the box of the game) It sounded so epic I had to buy it…it was  £40… which I didn’t really have. Thus, re-awakening my love affair with this heroic little purple dragon.

So I played it…got stuck on this blasted bit where the Dog-Pirates trap you in an arena and you have to outsmart this flying, fire-wielding boat, and so I put it away again whilst I ‘revised’ for A Levels. And then I moved out to South London, bringing my Wii and games, etc. Out came Spyro. Â Chij and Peter got a bit into Spyro over their Reading Week by watching me try to play it, and indeed, they DID help me get past the Dog-Pirates with their hover boat. So for this, I gave them both thanks. Peter also printed out the WalkThru for me, as well. So thanks for that too.

So after Halloween when I went back with Chij to Wales for my Reading Week, the Wii came with. I SHOULD’VE been writing my Art Essay, but instead I went to complete the game. Chij helped of course. But whilst he was at uni I stayed caved up in his room in the dark guiding the little dragon through levels of Pirates, Ghosts and other mean creatures.

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Well, since everyone else is posting today…

Nearly 3 months ago I released my site, I tried to tell all of you but WordPress wouldn’t let me post…and after that I couldn’t be bothered. Joe, about this layout, it has nice new features and will take some getting used to (like I said with the previous one). I still think the one before the one before the one before this one was the best though. Back to moi, my site is thomas-reddington.com. So how’s everyone?

Evenin’ all…

(This post was typed ages ago, but I had to fix the flash and resubmit it – term is over now and I have a ball to look forward to tonight -admin note: ooooh fancy).

Yeah, this posting system works in IE8, but only with the compatibility mode on. I hope this beta is a long way from finished, as it struggles with image transparency on my blog. And no, it’s not that it doesn’t do Â it – scrolling around and clicking seems to start and stop it from doing transparency. This leads to a sidebar with bits sticking out. 🙁

Anyway, Joe seems to be very busy at uni (playing openBVE, probably) Â at the moment, doesn’t he? Somehow I am more busy, and yet I’m Â randomly typing this post, while putting up with a headache, slight dizzyness and thoughts about what I’m going to have for dinner (luckily, I have already done my work for tomorrow).

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure how the flash insertion system here works (which reminds me that I need to put instructions on my blog, for the admins), so I’m going to try to share a video with you.

There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama

[flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EADUQWKoVek w=425 h=344]