Jigoku Shoujo (地獄少女)

Hihi~~ I’m Japs!~ Joe’s asked me to review some of the zillion Anime series I watch and as I’ve got nothing better to do lol I’ll do it whenever I can. This week’s will be Jigoku Shoujo (a.k.a Hell Girl), the name kinda implies what it’s about. The series starts off with a young girl who is being bullied quite vigorously by some brown haired chick. The bullied girl overhears these two girls talking, who are ALWAYS nearby in EVERY episode to conveniently talk loud enough for some poor sod to overhear, about a site called Hell Correspondence, where they will take reveange for you. At first, you kinda think it’s like Death Note meets the internetz, but you realise very quickly that the girl behind this is the most awesome girl you will ever see!! Enma Ai.

Enma Ai!

Enma Ai, along with her assitants (Hone-Onna, Wanyudo and Ichimoku Ren) and resolve your reveange ~ the cool catchphrase they use for this is “anata no urami, harashimasu” which litereally means ‘Your grudge/bitterness, I will dispel’ but y’know “We’ll take this reveange on your behalf” sounds so much more cooler… :3

But anyway, that’s what the gist of the anime is about really. If you’re wronged, you go to the Hell Correspondance website, which can only be accessed at Midnight. You enter the person’s name, and Enma Ai will hand you a straw doll, in the first season it’s usually the black one, you’ll see why though. You pull the string and Enma and her crew will go grab them some meanies~. However, in return, you too will go to hell when you die… But you get this AWESOME tattoo thing that shows the seal of the Covenant you make with Hell Correspondance.

Although quite repetitive, it’s an awesome anime to watch; the character art is very eye-friendly, the voice actors do their job superbly, especially Mamiko Noko, the voice of Enma Ai. She has this thing she says right before she does the dirty deed… ‘Ippen, shinde miru?‘ which is literally “This once, death see?” but lol many different translations has been seen, one of the best being “This once, I will show you death.”

Here are some screenshots to make you lust after the anime. That’s all for now~ Enjoy! (Remember, downloading is “baaaaaaad” – Also, right click View Image for bigger~)

She ferries their ass to Hell~

WanyuudoThe male oneHone-Onna

ENMA AI!!! <3