Shikabane Hime (屍姫)

Me again :3 This week I kinda wanna tell people about this anime I started recently; it’s called Shikabane Hime, (a.k.a. Corpse Princess). Thing is right, I started this with high hopes, the plot summary is simple, Girl gets murdered but turns into a “Living Corpse”, and the only way to get into Heaven is if she kills 108 corpses, y’know – Simple. So I’m reading and thinking “108? What kinda number is that… but OMG, *downloads*” Regardless, I put it off. I don’t know why, maybe because it seemed a bit heavy going for me at the time? Or whatever. Basically, I started watching the first episode, and the whole thing FLEW over my head. You get your head thrust into the story with all this terminology you haven’t got a clue about, and for some reason there’s this talking cat who can go through windows, and the boy who I think is the “main” character, doesn’t seem to even flinch. If I saw a talking cat, I’d have screamed my ass off, let alone if it morphed through the window. But anyway, that aside, he seems to be a rofl character.

Moving on from the criticism lol, the main character – Kagami – is an orphan who is moving out to his own place. Prior to this, he is awoken by the cat and lead towards the worship room where he finds a dead mutilated corpse on the floor. THIS scares him, talking cat np, dead girl on a mat “OMFG!” But yeah, it turns out this girl is a Shikabane, a living corpse. At the time, they barrage you with a bunch of terms you should have been introduced to/explained about, but as the boy is hiding – with the talking cat b-t-dub – you would expect no explanation. The people who entered the room are monks from an Anti-Corpse group, and one of the reeeeeeeeaally hates this girl (Makina, which you’ll only learn once you realise that you need to actually listen to what they call her because you ain’t getting an introduction)


The fights are decent, mainly gun-action because she fights other Shikabane (the things she needs to kill to go Heaven, like her but BAD!) which are like, huge and all monstrous. I’d definitely check it out, the artwork is pretty good and the comedy is pretty unexpected or expected but still rofl – Especially Kagami, guy’s a joker! (See screenshots below) Definitely check it out, if you can handle being confused long enough, I’d definitely go for it, it’s 13 episodes long with a second season to boot. That’s all from me this week, much love~

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