Joe’s Computers, A Comparison of Heatsinks

Anybody? No? Dust?

Isn’t it amazing that something that you thought wouldn’t get dusty does….

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The above picture shows my old computer’s CPU heatsink fan. Very dusty 😛

On another note, heat sinks. I opened up my new pc a few weeks back to be shocked a the size of a giant lump of metal staring me in the face. That giant piece of metal was in fact, my dell heatsink. I know the bigger the heatsink the better it cools, but MY GOD is this huge. As you can see from the picture above, the heatsink on that one is tiny (below the fan). But this one:

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Its about the same size as a regular HDD :O . The tiny heasink below it is for the integrated GPU (I never use it though).

Ah well, can’t put in any other type of cooling, Dell motherboards simply won’t have it.

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