SO! I have news!

After about a month (*counts* 22nd August till now) of waiting, I finally have a fully fledged Student account with HSBC, and my card arrived today 😀 sooo now I have to activate it and start buying all you lovlies lovely things!

And I am very pleased that Joe’s and my timetables correspond so now we can see each other woohoo! Today has been a very happy day for me lol.

That’s all for now people, stay fab and get shakey ^_^

About Peter Truran

People call me Pete, Peter, him upstairs, the ginger one - feel free to choose from the list. I'm a Forensic Science graduate of Queen Mary Univerity, London, and currently employed by Waitrose, working in the Crouch End store. My time is utilised by the usual web surfing, comics, practicing guitar and poopping in the occaisional book. Keeping up with my shows and music is also a fond pastime.