GEF #11 – Hadrian’s Wall

This week it is the magnificent structure we all know, Hadrian’s Wall.

“But why this wall?” you may ask yourself, well bemused reader, this Saturday [13th March] they will be lighting beacons all along the wall from one side of the UK to the other. A sight that has not been seen since the olden times.

And of course an obligatory Wikipedia quote follows this brief sentence;

Hadrian’s Wall (Latin: Vallum Aelium) is a stone and timber fortification  built by the Roman Empire across the width of what is now northern England. Begun in AD 122, during the rule of emperor Hadrian, it was the first of two fortifications built across Great Britain, the second being the Antonine Wall in what is now Scotland. Hadrian’s Wall is the better known of the two because its physical remains are more evident today.


For more information about lighting up the Wall visit Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall.

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