Wikipedia turns 10!


Happy 10th Birthday Wikipedia!


Today is 10 years [Believe it or not] since the first article on Wikipedia was created and in those 10 years over 3.5 million articles have been written in the English Wikipedia alone with around 17 million [17 657 955 to be exact – 14/01/11 20:41 GMT!] in all the language variants, of which there are more than 278.


I do remember the first time I went on it way back in 2002, I believe I was looking for something to help with my homework [As is every other person who checks in to Wikipedia], and to my surprise I found this wealth of information that seemed very relevant indeed. Wikipedia is a great starting point for looking up something but one must use caution on the site since it is of course freely editable by anyone in the world. However, it is a brilliant starting point and can provide many happy hours of flicking between entries.


So here’s to Wikipedia’s eternal reign over our informational needs.