Tis 3.15am

Joe encouraged me to post some more. So I’m going to.

I can’t sleep. I’m too excited. Some of my Spyro games should arrive tomorrow!! Â 

AND!!! I ordered this DS card thing that lets me download games onto it. I’m downloading games now…and OMG I can’t wait.

Thank you Joe for opening my eyes to such a wonder. I know it’s his site and all… but I’d like to give a special shout out to him… THANK YOU JOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!!! He’s helped me out so much compy-wise recently… I’ve no idea how most things work; Je suis une Technophobe.


me no has much else to say. I’m surprisingly not tierd.

Bit ‘o Self advertising here… if anyone wants any arty things done… CALL ON ME!!! Tattoo designs, mural designs, portraits, Jewellery, Toy-making, (some) accessory making (in the middle of making a Top Hat atm), drawings, Photography, handmade professional looking cards… I can, and have done, all of it. Commision me to do stuff!!


look at my blogspot too… I should be getting a slideshow of my stuff on there soon.

Hmmm… thats all really.

Over and Out! And hugs to all!! xxxx

About Boobs

I'm a 20 year old artfag called Lauren, who seems to be in the company of the guys most of the time... for some reason; All they do is sexually harass me and mock me. Which is why they're covered in scars. I'm an art student, Creative Artist, actually, and I'm training to be a Sceneographer. I had a job at my local as the busty barmaid, which I'm on a break from at the moment, to get focused on the Art and whatnot... I'm a quite lazy, philosophizing, busybody, pierced up and tattooed, highly opinionated, slightly nymphoish, perfectionist vegetarian, with a personality disorder who likes alcohol probably a bit too much. And a closet dork, apparently. And I write a lot. That's me.